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Conversation Between kjikji and Forever Domon
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  1. kjikji
    06-15-2012 09:08 PM
    you did this
  2. Forever Domon
    06-13-2012 11:54 PM
    Forever Domon
    stick around though, we like you.
  3. Forever Domon
    06-13-2012 11:54 PM
    Forever Domon
    the flaps strikes again
  4. kjikji
    06-10-2012 10:23 PM
    got daaaaaaaaam s
  5. kjikji
    10-26-2009 11:56 AM
    I summoned him
  6. Forever Domon
    10-26-2009 09:18 AM
    Forever Domon
    dont ask such questions. He just came back because you asked that
  7. kjikji
    10-25-2009 11:06 PM
    where is lynxz?
  8. Forever Domon
    10-25-2009 08:46 PM
    Forever Domon
  9. kjikji
    10-01-2009 10:26 PM
    I just want you to know that youre probably gonna leave this website in not so long and never come back, and before that happens its likely that ill say a lot of meaning or degrading things. Maybe directly to you or not, im sure both, and its perfectly acceptable for you to come to dislike me at some point. But, just know its not out of disdain. Youre alright, really, its just something i have to do. Were i to conduct myself in any other manner, ehh... it just wouldnt be the same for me. I dont have the capacity to switch on and off, i guess, so it is what it is. Perhaps that will be my downfall one day, in whatever my endeavors may be. But, again, its nothing personal. What im really trying to get at here is show me your tits.
  10. kjikji
    09-23-2009 12:19 AM
    o i mean HI MADDOG

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