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GhEttOrAiD 02-18-2015 06:58 PM

How can I "forcibly" add an Exchange account to an iDevice?
We have an office overseas, and there are going to be between three and five users who need to show up for a week, have use of ONE iPad for a few days, then they leave the country for good. The iPad stays behind, and gets handed to the next visitor.
This office wants to use the same chitty iPad rather than buying sims and cell-data-enabled iPads for each of these visiting employees. Makes sense, and it shouldn't be a problem at all.

Except it is.

In 8.1.3, I seem to be able to add ONE Exchange account then... At any point thereafter, whether I've deleted the old account or not... After soft resetting, after waiting a while, blasting it with piss, you name it... Trying to add an exchange account fails IMMEDIATELY. Says "the exchange server cannot be reached." Normally, I'd expect to see "you need to check these server details" and I'd have a few options, I'd get to input additional information such as domain, description, login, etcetera.

Doing a full data/settings erase solves it. This complicates things, because there are two collaboration/file sharing apps these employees have to re-install, manually each time the iPad is wiped out.

Soo... Something I tried while my boss was working on this w/ the dude overseas was to use TeamViewer. I just wanted to remotely access the iPad and poke around. But I saw a feature which would allow me to forcibly add an exchange account, giving me control over all of the various settings that I normally get to w/ the "you should check these settings" dialog. And it works PERFECTLY. You get confirmation on the iPad, "do you want to install this shyte," agree, whatever and a few minutes later, the account is added.

Just today, they dinged me for "commercial use" on my personal-only TeamViewer account. I'm pretty much rekt there, and boss won't spring for a license.

[b]But I know that the functionality exists... I just don't know WTF it's called.[/b] How do I do this outside of TeamViewer?

pyramid 02-18-2015 10:31 PM

how much does the license cost?

GhEttOrAiD 02-18-2015 11:02 PM


if I'd requested this like 2 years ago it'd be a possibility but now it's a bit unlikely

pyramid 02-19-2015 11:25 AM

Shit, that's a bit steep. I was gonna say get it for yourself if it was a couple hundo.

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