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J Mel 10-07-2013 11:11 AM

Day of the Drags
I kind of feel like I should post this in the photo{may} because its photography. Also because the once hot forum is dead. But, with that being said, due to the fact that its dead is why i'm posting these here. Hey, its automotive shit.

Went to Day of the Drags - vintage/nostalgic drags over the weekend. Here are a few of the photos i've pulled out.









Camped out at the track the night before. My '51 on the right was my sleeping arrangements.

Typhoon43 10-07-2013 12:40 PM

Great stuff as always man. How much of a crop is that spinning wheel shot?

J Mel 10-07-2013 12:48 PM

[QUOTE=typhoon43;25226963]Great stuff as always man. How much of a crop is that spinning wheel shot?[/QUOTE]

Its a pretty tight crop. Its exactly what I was going for, but didn't think ahead enough to frame it tighter in camera. Left myself room because I knew there was going to be movement in the car. But left it looser than I should have keeping the quality down if i ever want to go big with it.

That is far and away my favorite shot from the event. Came out cooler than it looked in my head when I was trying to get it.

lollersk8s 10-07-2013 04:17 PM

What were the fastest times of the day? Some of those look like they got a little beef under the bonnet.

J Mel 10-08-2013 09:59 AM

[QUOTE=lollersk8s;25227037]What were the fastest times of the day? Some of those look like they got a little beef under the bonnet.[/QUOTE]

Saw some low 9's, and high 8's. Fastest pass I saw and remember was 140+, but I was busy taking pictures, video, socializing, or drinking to watch the actual races and times all day.

If you recall my burnout video - I walked around with my same set up taking some videos. Saw a dude getting ready to pull in the staging lanes and asked if I could mount my camera in his car. He said absolutely - mounted it on the roll-bar - kind of facing him. He ran low 11's that lap - said he forgot to shift into 3rd and cost him some time. He found me later on in the day and we talked for about an hour - really cool dude. Showed me his slips from the rest of the day and he's a consistent bastard....running 10.8's very regularly.

Also saw a guy getting prepped in a vintage rail dragster with a blown flathead. Asked if I could put my camera on his car as well. He obliged - and ran low or mid 9's. But also destroyed his transmission in the process, should have been faster. Thats amazing in a flathead.

I'm very anxious to take my roadster down the track. Have never done it before. I have no idea what to expect. Kind of worried about embarrassing myself. I don't know if I have a 12 second car of a 16 second car. Not even the slightest clue - would love to find out though. I think the thing that will kill my time is my low rear end. Running 3.08s. Would like to get taller least 3.55's. Would dramatically improve my acceleration - however kill my already shitty mileage. If I had an extra $1500 laying around, i'd buy a quick change set up for that car in a heartbeat.

The video on both is distorted - my camera can't handle vibrations like the go-pros and gets a zig-zag distortion in the video. However, its still kinda cool. I'll post the vids as soon as I get to them.

J Mel 10-12-2013 09:40 PM

Another one. Video to come soon...


J Mel 10-12-2013 10:49 PM

Video 1:

Asked this guy if I could put my camera in his car. He obliged - ended up being a cool guy who just moved to Houston from the Northeast a few months ago. I believe he said that this was his first time running since moving to Texas. Ended up talking to him for about an hour at the end of the event.


J Mel 10-13-2013 12:24 AM

One more. This car is epic. Skot Ingrams - Flat Head Fever. This is a fast son of a bitch. Think its stated that its the worlds fastest flatty, but don't quote me on that. He fucked his transmission up on this pass and still ran low 9's (i think).


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