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BlisterDick 10-14-2017 02:47 PM

whatever happened to that video of the girl
getting her pie eatin out by her dog in the kitchen

i need that like a starving ethiopian needs wifi


g|aSsJaw 10-14-2017 04:42 PM

you shouldn't feed a dog pie

BlisterDick 10-14-2017 04:51 PM

yeah but it's like, jesus, girl I'll come over and do that for you

lol 10-14-2017 07:15 PM

the dog filed DMCA complaint and it got taken down

voidme 10-14-2017 07:33 PM

the dog got killed by police during a traffic stop for driving while being a dog


BlisterDick 10-15-2017 04:24 AM

I'd donate to Dogs Lives Matter

not that other "Lives Matters" group (terrorist org)

royjr 10-15-2017 04:49 AM

Hogs Lives Matter?

joemama 10-16-2017 01:00 PM

[QUOTE=royjr;25526781]Hogs Lives Matter?[/QUOTE]Only hogs large enough to be seen without the assistance of magnification

You no get a t-shirt and membership card.

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