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Alex 03-15-2012 01:06 AM

2001 Honda F4i Project Log
I always enjoy reading any kind of automotive project logs so why not start one.

A little back story, I got this bike probably close to 3 years ago when I lived in the bay area since I didnt have a car and a bike was great in the city and super cheap to own. I bought her at 18,297, for just shy of 2800. It wasnt in the prettiest of shape, but I didnt care since I had to store it outdoors, and it was my first bike anyways (I know, I know, shouldve started on a 250, but I didnt) so she went through a couple drops, in a sort of chronological order : fell off kickstand, fell off kickstand again, someone tried to steal it and knocked her over on the clutch side (i ran out in my boxers at 3am to see my bike knocked over and a truck speeding away), tipped over while sitting on it at the beach, the rear end let loose on some cold asphalt leaving a parking spot in the middle of the night and landed me on the side, bending my exhaust. I also hit a gnarly pothole coming off the freeway and dented both of my rims, really really bad, luckily I didnt fall off the bike and was only 1/4 mile from home, limped it and waited on ebay rims to come in. Rims came in, only changed the front one since my old place didnt have a garage and everything was on a hill (fucking san francisco)

Heres a picture of the dented front wheel, minutes after coming home


Here in the middle of the sidewalk at the flattest part being helped by my buddy replacing the front wheel


Then I moved, and have a garage now. So what did I do? I tore this thing down. The last month I've lived in the garage tearing it apart, meticulously cleaning everything I took down, painting things that were

Withered her down to basically nothing


Also painted the new set of rims gold.


Heres a list of what I've done, in no important order.

Cleaned/painted both new rims bronze. Rear wheel has new brake disc/sprocket
Removed whole subframe to paint black
Completely took apart and painted rearsets / passenger pegs
Complete new rear brake system since I neglected the old one and caliper was shot to hell
New brakes all around with fresh fluid
Scrubbed, sanded, and painted the calipers with black caliper paint
New spark plugs, like 11 bucks a pop even on amazon, wtf!
New KN air filter, because it was the cheapest filter I could find online, only 30 bucks from amazon
New Cool-Aide coolant (basically like water wetter I guess)
Mobil 1 oil change (waiting on CCT)
Manual Cam Chain Tensioner (waiting for it to come in)
New projectors fitted to headlights, more on this later.
New carbon fiber exhaust
Bike will be painted a flat red

I got it mostly back together and here it is so far


This isnt the most up to date since the gas tank is back off and sitting primed on the garage floor waiting for me to paint it.

I bought some ebay projectors. I know I know,, thats fine and dandy but I didnt feel like doing THAT much work, and these were drop-ins to my H7 housings, and seeing as how the bike came with a cheap set of HID bulbs in the stock reflectors (the PO also put in the wrong style bulbs and I wondered for a while why motorcycle headlights were so dim) so this is an upgrade. The projectors came the other day, and since I ordere them without bulbs thinking that the H7 HID bulbs I already have would work, well they fucking didnt, and I had to spend more money on getting the right bulbs because they use some stupid "pencil" style bulb that the ebay seller never mentioned would be IMPOSSIBLE to find not bundled with a kit, so I had to go back and pay the difference to get the bulbs as well. The projectors actually aren't half bad, I slapped in the bulbs and turned them on, this is what it was,


(Miata! it's my roommates, we have a clutch sitting waiting to be put in and a bunch of turbo parts coming in, so that'll be another project coming up soon, love having a big garage!)

As you can see the glare above the cutoff is very present, but the cutoff is pretty acceptable (excuse the crappy phone pictures) So i cracked them open and completely removed everything, down to removing the cut off shield solenoid, removing the lens, removing the cfl angel eyes, I mean everything, and I painted every part except for the reflector with flat black high temp spray paint and reassembled. The glare was completely gone, so that made me a lot happier. I turned on the angel eyes, and tested the high beam solenoids.

Happy Owl

I then tried to find my second HID balast to test both lights but ended up stepping on a screw in the garage, and decided to call it a night and wait for daylight to find everything else.

Tomorrow I have to wetsand the gas tank/fairing pieces and probably go to home depot to pick up some PVC to build a small spray booth and paint the fairings this weekend.

[H]ard|On 03-15-2012 01:51 AM

HID on a bike, very cool

got pics of it all done?

Alex 03-15-2012 02:13 AM

not done yet, but I'll snap some once I finish everything.

Lurker 03-15-2012 10:15 AM

Cool motorbicycle.

SebTheDJ 03-15-2012 11:21 AM

Do a streetfighter out of it!!!!

zeos 03-15-2012 12:08 PM


monster! you beheaded johnny 5!

Alex 03-15-2012 12:41 PM

Nah, no streetfighter, not on this bike at least. She'll be covered in plastic.

Yes, yes it does look like Johnny 5, his legacy will live on vicariously through my headlights.

Alex 03-15-2012 01:56 PM

Quick little update.

Found my other ballast so threw everything together to see what it would look like with both bulbs.

Here's the cutoff now.


as you can see it's much much better after coating everything inside with flat black high temp paint, really cuts down on unwanted reflections.

Here's a closeup of the cutoffs, not too shabby for ebay projectors. The only thing is that the high beam solenoids are sticking because I coated everything with high temp paint, so I'll have to take those apart and strip the little hinges of paint.


Alex 03-16-2012 02:05 AM

A quick peek at the color. A nice bright red. Should be spraying everything this weekend.


Alex 03-17-2012 09:03 PM

Another quick update.

Got most of the wetsanding done, except for the front fairing which needed a bit more tlc with spot putty.

It's raining pretty hard outside, this made wetsanding pretty easy since I can just dump the sandy water into the driveway without much worry about it drying spots, but on the other hand I can't paint. It looks like the next nice day will be Monday.

I did start on the paintbooth.


Simple PVC, open front (this isnt going to be a show quality paint, and I'm not using a show quality paint gun or anything (just some harbor freight paint gun) and I'll stick a box fan behind that filter, and another one at the bottom of the garage door to just suck out overspray/most of the fumes outside and hopefully my respirator covers the rest. As long as I can decently lay down the paint I'll be happy with that. I also got a matte clear coat for the above paint which hopefully seals it nicely because I NEVER want to do this again. I sank probably 40 hours at least into bodywork on this crap, not counting my roommates help.

VanFanel 03-18-2012 03:19 PM

Holy crap thats a crazy cutoff :o

Also more pix of the gaymobile :heart:

Lurker 03-18-2012 04:14 PM

Bikes, Miatas, Russians. Its like a recipe for a good time.

Alex 03-18-2012 05:46 PM

I'm polish but yes, good times.

The miata is getting a clutch swap next weekend, so i may put up some pictures. I'll definitely put some pictures up when turbo is in progress. So far we got a turbo, manifold, rx7 injectors, but still need ECU management (probably Megasquirt), down pipe, intercooler, etc, etc. Slowly building up the needed parts since were sourcing it used, only looking for 160-180hp, nothing crazy, just add a little more pep in the step to balance out the gay a little bit more. The bike is plenty fast for me already.

Alex 03-18-2012 07:49 PM

I had to trim down the stock reflectors a bit, and I also cleaned up the high beam solenoid and flip down mechanism since the spray paint caused it to stick every once in a while.

Heres a closer look


Tex Arcana 03-19-2012 08:05 PM

Junkie Mod? I thought dupes were banned? :wtf: ;)

Good work, tho... Not exactly a worklog; but these assmunchers around here get pissy if you post more than three posts and six pictures... I guess the ADD kicks in (or the meth in Totensiebush's case), and they rage out.

Keep up the good work... waiting for the test ride where you crash and break off a needle in your ass... :D

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