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Rancidpunk666 10-22-2012 04:16 PM

Because there hasn't been a post in 6 days... 2 gun range repot/review
First gun, I sold a kahr p380 that I absolutely hated... I have larger hands and after every round my mitts would push up the slide lock and I' be like WTF MATE

Taurus PT145 Mellenium gen 3 (very similar to compact 24/7 with minor control variations)
Bought it used for 300 dollars with extra mags, ammo, Glaco and cross breed super tuck holsters
Initial impressions:
Moderate holster wear but only appeared to have very minimal rounds down the tube.

Magazines - 10 round, easy to load first 8, last 2 are difficult but not so much it needs an assist tool. They are black coated steel. Even empty at the push of a button they fall out freely.

Controls - takedown, mag release, safety all for the right handed shooter. Safety is not nessecary as it has internal safeties. Mag release is in browning correct fashion.

Take down - lock slide back, flip lever and slide out. I glock style let the slide forward, pull trigger and wiggle slide off.

Function - this is a single action striker, with double strike capability. No decoker. Single action trigger pull is as smooth as a 1911 custom as soon as the slack is taken up. Double action, well thank god it's not a true double action because it is 10 light years long and heavier than a sigma.

Accuracy - tested with carry ammo, Winchester hollow points of some sort 6 rounds @20 feet, 3" group with 3 rounds going through the same hole on the cardboard.

This is a very nice edc gun. In the cross breed it disapeqrs under a regular tee shirt. It's slim and fairly light weight. Even new they sell for around 320-340 and that is a very good deal. I know a lot of people rag on Taurus's semi autos but I've totaled 100 or so rounds and have not had one issue.

2nd gun

h&r pardner protector pump 12ga. 18.5" (870 clone)

Purchased new for 179.99 from dicks sporting goods.

Initial impression is, we'll I already have a pardner field gun so I know that these things are made in china. Well being made in china i suppose its made of surplus scraped tanks. This thing weighs nearly 8lbs. I can tell the parkerizing is not up to 100% par, I'd say its a couple notches above keltecs quality. It is a tactical model so it has black "plastic" forearm and buttsotock. The plastics on this are very nice, I'd out them up with rock rivers or magpuls quality. It's dense and solid feeling.

Magazine the - 5 rounds comes with 2 round punger so that went right away. They all lock in the tube positively and are pulled out of the tube perfectly. I will be adding a +1 extension.

Controls - identical to 870 trigger block safety and forearm release. I do wish it had the magic button my benelli has to eject shells without chambering.

Take down - unscrew cap, pull of barrel and pop 2 pins out. I dentical to 870. To remove mag spring push down on stop rotate one quarter turn and slowly release.

Function - single stage trigger is very crisp and tight. Unlike the benelli I'm use to, you have to cant play too light with the forearm. You don't have to want it, but as long as you put in normal effort a round will chamber. This sum bitch is loud. It does not kick as hard as I expected, probably because it has a rubber butt pad

Accuracy - being an hd shotty I only shot from 15 feet, 3 rounds in the same place without much effort to aim. One round high and to the left, the final round I took a few steps back, and aimed away from where I had been shooting, and 9 32acp size holes were all within 3".

This is a great hd gun, it's accurate to 25 feet or so but since it has no choke anything over that is wated lead. I like this gun because everything 870 will fit on it except for barrels (which someone makes spacers for). I'm not to worried about beating this gun up so I taped a flashlight to the end, and now my fn45 can be a safe queen/shtf side arm, as if I ever do use my hd weapon chances are ill never see it again due to ohios gucked up firearm return laws

I'd recommend this shotty to anyone in need of an hd gun, or zombie slayer. I fully believe that it is more solid than any current 870 ( save for police tactical editions, which its on par to them in terms of reliability)

Legend 10-25-2012 08:16 AM

How were they able to sell the shotgun here given the rules on Chinese guns? Do they import part kits and assemble them here?

Rancidpunk666 10-25-2012 04:41 PM

Nope, fully manufactured and assembled in china,

Interesting enough, h&r was owned by marlin,
In 2007 Remington bought marlin and all companies marlin owned,

And a couple years later freedom group was formed and now owns Remington marlin, h&r, bushmaster, dpms, para and a few others.

gribly 10-25-2012 04:47 PM

Good info, I've been wondering whether or not to get an expensive 12 guage like the marine magnum that will withstand salt air or just get a cheap one and not give a damn about the slight surface rust. You helped sway me towards cheap.

Rancidpunk666 10-25-2012 05:30 PM

The parkerizing is easily scratched, he'll mine had a light scratch on it when I brought it home.

Oh and cosmoline galore..., but just keep a light coat of oil on it and it's not going to rust.

The best part is, as I said before everything. 870 fits on it except for barrels, but there are spacers available..

But for the price, might as well get 2 of them, 400 bucks for 2 shottys that's are interchangeable, plus with the mag extension my 28" pardner holds 10 rounds

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