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SKYY 04-08-2016 09:50 PM

Old school [M] check in
Title says it all. Been here since 2002. Been on hiatus since 2011.

April23 04-09-2016 05:51 AM

2004...hiatus since 2006, I think.

Baloneyflaps 04-09-2016 06:44 AM


BlisterDick 04-09-2016 09:17 AM

eat shit fgt :tard:

SKYY 04-09-2016 12:06 PM

[QUOTE=BlisterDick;25514945]eat shit fgt :tard:[/QUOTE]

Good to see this forum hasn't changed :heart: :cran:

The Unflushable Turd 04-09-2016 07:11 PM

i told you i was hardcore

royjr 04-09-2016 08:06 PM

Ooooooooo someone got pwn3d!!!

Xcric 04-09-2016 08:53 PM

I have to poop

redhotfanboy 04-09-2016 10:14 PM

Old School eh?

Jas101 04-10-2016 12:33 PM

i like turtles

Baloneyflaps 04-10-2016 01:55 PM

[QUOTE=Jas101;25514961]i like turtles[/QUOTE]


zombies FTW

gorgor 04-10-2016 06:33 PM

this thread.

Lynxz 04-10-2016 07:34 PM

miss the 2002-2003 days with M|22 and the place was packed. i think the main attraction was the picture threads and the girls like basil limaede, imma, sizzling grace, redwallflower and then later sugarfreejazz, heart and that dj chick i forgot her name (i know i'm missing a bunch of names here)

but for me the best time was '08 with all the full load meat crew shenanigans and '09 the sequel. i miss my ali g/gordan freeman avatar (and thanks to maddog and all my pals from those times)
and i'm the reason behind the helmut meme

my favorite thing about genmay is Claus and then Berticus
tbh no offense sanjay but i think you're the reason genmay died i still :heart: u though

edit: right djfacemachine
edit2: miss u redrum

BlisterDick 04-11-2016 08:01 AM

RIP rum

Typhoon43 04-11-2016 08:59 AM

Nice to see the old schoolers pop in for like 12 hours and then vanish into the Ether for another 10 years. Seems to be the way it goes now.

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