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VxonFlibby 08-26-2012 05:05 PM

Starting a new business
For some time now i have been concentrating on the problem of missed deliveries to working people. In my situation, i miss out on great online deals often, because my missus and i both work. As such we either have to get things in person, or if absolutely necessary, trudge out to the collection office every time we want to get something.

The ideas i have come up with are twofold:

The first is a 'marketplace' for couriers who would accept parcels on people's behalves in the day, and deliver them in two hour time-slots in the evening.

The nitty gritty of this would involve a customer who has found a product on-line then visiting our website and viewing a digitalised map of their area which showed prospective couriers, and their rating, before being able to pay for the service, and being given the address to get their item delivered to.

Once the item is delivered to the courier, a notification is sent via e-mail to the customer, and a delivery time is arranged.

The second idea is similar in operation but involves a localised base to collect the orders, rather than them going to the couriers house directly, and then delivered out from there.

Research has given me very positive uptake percentages for a cost price of 2-3 per parcel, and the idea of conjoining multiple deliveries from different sites was a particular benefit singled out.

My main concern, and where i need some advice, is whether i would be able to source enough people (albeit i would be starting locally at first..) to courier the goods, specifically, people willing to be in during the day to accept deliveries. The idea is that the couriers would be self-employed, and to a certain extent remote from the firm i would be running, however if it would not be possible to find people to be around every day, then a rather ingenious system would be necessary to co-ordinate someone being able to collect a delivery at all times, i.e estimating the delivery day, or splitting couriers days.

I would very much appreciate any and all feedback on this point, as i don't want to give up the project on such a point - however i'm not too proud if it is apparently that the project is doomed to back away now!

Many thanks,

dbu8554 08-30-2012 04:58 PM

Get a PO box?

joemama 08-30-2012 07:46 PM

Good thing I didn't post before reading the whole thing...and saw your figure in pounds. It might be different in the UK, but here UPS/Fedex will usually leave your package in front of your door in a suburban residential neighborhood, (especially if you leave a small note) and at the office for apartments. The only problem I can see with your business model (assuming parcel carriers won't deliver if nobody is home in your country) is getting people willing to add on extra costs to their purchases..thereby eroding a bit of the savings from buying online. Your service would have to be cheap enough for people to actually use it, while at the same time staying profitable.

liquidkristal 09-08-2012 08:08 AM

Vxon I hate to be the destroyer of ideas, but there is already an idea that will sort of fix that.


amazon use that system for returns (and soon deliveries).

The evening idea would be an idea as couriers love to chage for that (although DPD inform the recipeint of the items of a 1hr timeslot (and from experience they stick to it)).

edplayer 09-20-2012 12:27 AM

I always use the penetration strategy

pyramid 09-20-2012 12:57 AM

[QUOTE=edplayer;25094998]I always use the penetration strategy[/QUOTE]


anbinal 10-03-2012 05:49 AM

Online business is the best way to earn money online.............

Scatman 10-03-2012 07:07 AM

Amazon's already doing this with local stores and businesses.


joemama 10-03-2012 10:04 AM

[QUOTE=anbinal;25098571]Online business is the best way to earn money online.............[/QUOTE]Really? I thought posting witty stuff on various message boards was the way to online riches.:o

/doing it wrong

Axel'en 10-31-2012 04:18 AM

I think an online shop is the most necessary thing today when you want to survive in a business world. But much better is to have both, an online shop and a local store or agency in your case, no matter if you sell [URL=""]Audemars Piguet or[/URL], pet food or a certain service. Just try to run different distributive channels. One after the other of course. Good luck.

ElectricCrow 10-31-2012 06:28 PM

Just make sure you 1099 all of your couriers!

DrMackevili 12-03-2012 07:08 PM

[QUOTE=VxonFlibby;25082591]For some time now i have been concentrating on the problem of missed deliveries to working people. In my situation, i miss out on great online deals often, because my missus and i both work. ....,[/QUOTE]

SOLUTION: get the stuff delivered to your work address.... Oh hell, even dildos come in discreet packages these days (at least that's what my grandma told me, I honestly don't know that to be fact)

[QUOTE=anbinal;25098571]Online business is the best way to earn money online.............[/QUOTE]

Sounds promising. Do you have a link?

BlisterDick 08-01-2015 12:02 AM

^ time to diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie

Imran520 08-22-2015 12:43 AM

Good idea and you should real estate business

tedbear 03-04-2016 09:49 AM

Never too late - go and get started. That is a quite good idea!

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