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dio 07-01-2011 12:42 AM

CALLOUT: RiderOnTheStorm
So I noticed any time I make posts in the bone closet I am BANNED for no good reason.

There have been times in the past where I could somewhat see. Like once there was a thread with a guy complaining about chronic muscle pain and asking what to do and I suggested he used marijuana. Then RiderOnTheStorm banned me for 'no illegal advice k lulz :tard:' despite my state actually has a medical marijuana program it wasn't illegal advice and probably the best medicine a chronic pain patient can get k lulz :tard: way to be completely daft on the current state of medical research into chronic pain.

But anyways, this latest reason for banning is really just ridiculous. I took time to write out two heartfelt posts, with very honest good advice, which I had good experience with and what do I get form RiderOnTheStorm some nonsense and a ban.

So for all to see I present these posts that got me banned:

First in response to this thread:

I said:
I think alot of couples have this issue. You know its just a given that men want to put their penis into women more often than women want a penis in them. I think this is why greeks had wives and boyfriends....

But womens libido has to do with alot of things.

You know women cant just look at a penis and get horny, the male has to turn them on. My girlfriend has told me many times that she actually gets more turned on by reading erotic stories than she does by watching porn... I feel like this is a big insight into women psyche concerning sex. The context and 'romanticness' of a situation and how things are being played out is what really gets her into it. Which this is quite a foreign world to the male where just site of a vagina gets you at nearly 100% horniness.

As fucked up as this is, I find it to be true. If you take your girlfriend out some place, by her some food, show her around then shes more likely to get horny. I really hate this dynamic of take girl out, spend money on her and in return your reward is sex. But this seems really deeply engrained into human nature... It almost feels like you exchange money for sex, which is really fucked up. But you know women need to get excited to get horny and to get excited, theres no better way than being taken out to somewhere new, trying some new things and not having to worry about paying for it... I mean you could do cheap things too like make lunch, put it in a picnic basket and take her out to a nice spot to it... girls seem to love novelty. Its really damn annoying too they always want to go 'do something' its like, I am reading C++ documentaiton and listening to music, I am doing something.... why aren't you doing something? Why dont you draw or entertain yourself we don't always have to be running around city. But nonetheless for some reason nothing seems more exciting to a woman than going some place new and consuming something new.

Are there any woman not like that? I havent encountered any...

ALSO dark chocolate and maca tends to get my girlfriend really horny...

if you go to like whole foods you can actually find dark chocolate maca bars

actually this one right here: [url][/url]

if my girlfriend eats one of those, we will have sex in a few hours for sure, probably twice

its worth a try....

I also just want to say cause for some people 'maca' is one of those like 'newage fluff' herbs. Theres been some retarded 'maca' products on the shelves like MACA FORCE ENHANCE LIFE blah blah blah. No maca isn't as incredible as some of those retarded companies market it as. But maca does have a notably strong stimulant effect for some people, similiar to ginseng, and from that it can certainly add to the libido.[/quote]

RiderOnTheStorm's reason for banning?
"Keep your shit in crazy town; the BC is for grownups."
Ok what I just offered was some good advice, and some questions that I seriously wanted an answer to. What part of this is 'crazy town'. I know RiderOnTheStorm is just trolling me but really how has it got to a point that mods are allowed to troll people by banning them for real good reason?

And then in response to this thread:

I said:
I went through a period of a few years of strong anxiety.

I literally quit all caffeine during that period because I thought it was a source of anxiety. If I drank even just a coke I would start getting panicky and uncomfortable. I had a few real bad freakouts from drinking some caffeine...

During this time I could be in situations and my heart would race to full speed for minutes at a time. I would just have an intense amount of energy running through me for no reason. Basically itd just be like bam, fight of flight response hits at full speed and I feel like I could run for miles in panic or think myself silly with hundreds of thoughts per minute.

My peripheral vision would get wider, everything would get really loud, I'd get super aware and sensitive, I would actually start seeing geometric forms run over surfaces. I also developed chronic migraines during this time, so with all this happening my head pain would increase 10 fold and would almost just like start blacking me out. I would start to get almost like a 'psychic' sense (not literally), its hard to describe, but just due to my extreme hypersensitivity and the rapidness of my thoughts, I could get so much information off of a single person just by looking at them that it almost feels like your tapped into a whole new level of perception and somewhat 'psychic'. I think my bouts with this actually borderlined on psychotic break just cause they were so intense.

There were times when I couldn't spend much time around anyone but a few certain friends. Times when I just spent curled up on floor in a ball...

At the time I was wondering 'are these panic attacks?' 'are these anxiety attacks?' 'what do I do?' 'Do these go away with time?'

In my instance the intensity of this did not go away. It actually increased. It got to the point where I'd just be sitting in class or a public place completely derealized, heart beating at full speed, nothing seeming real. After this happening for so much I just adapted to it, I got used to it.

Now I sit here, super hyper sensitive, wide peripheral vision, my text is a bit wavey and sparkley on the screen. 2 years ago this is the exact level of intensity that would of had me freaking out. But now it's just my norm. If I want I can let my brain go into endless rapid thoughts, or I can sit content and balanced.

I've really learned how to maintain a very good balance in mind, body and spirit, now I can withstand alot of extreme intensity without freaking out.

I concluded that, as you grow and get older, the intensity of the energy of your body also increases. When an increase first starts to hit you, you kind of freak out and it takes you some time to get comfortable with the new level of intensity your awareness is going to sit at.... but you adapt.

The thing that really let me get a grip on this new found level of intensity I experience is dancing. Dancing and drawing, simple art forms. Even some yoga, stretching and breathing exercises. After getting used to my new high level of intensity with those simple things, it kind of progressed. Now when I am in really intense states I can maintain focus on things much more complex like programming, or doing calculus or if you visit the pit, making threads. And I really impress myself these days, I can maintain an incredibly intense focus on a single project for like 8 hours straight without breaks if I have to. Never could do that before I started dealing with this new level of intensity.

Also during the time I was freaking out about this stuff I really had to face alot of issues I was suppressing and me coming to terms with all these suppressed issues is also a big component that let me become comfortable. It's the nature of suppressed issues that you don't know that your suppressing them... They just sort of seep up in unexpected ways, but remain completely hidden. I could tell you techniques to attempt to dig into yourself if your really willing to try and look.

The OTHER thing is I also discovered is that I was gluten intolerant and quitting gluten made a big difference in my mental state. Freal check into food allergies and intolerance issues. Consuming something your even just mildly intolerant to on a regular basis can really build up into some weird health issues and mental issues... and it is a good idea to try lowering caffeine intake if you do intake caffeine.[/quote]

RiderOnTheStorm's reason for the ban?
"The BC is for actual advice. Not your stupid pseudoscience . Stay the fuck out of Malibu, Lebowski."

Ok I don't know want part of COMPLETELY UNEDUCATED RiderOnTheStorm comes from. But any well credentialed MD I have ever talked to in the Portland, Oregon area has recomended one take Yoga classes, stretching classes or breathing classes if your dealing with anxiety issues. Any well credentialed MD would ALSO recommend one check into dietary causes of anxiety. To say my suggestions are 'pseudoscience' is blatantly ignorant of what real medical advice is actually given out by thoroughly educated MD's.

I demand an explanation from RiderOnTheStorm for his ridiculous and obvious abuse of power. Those were quality posts of mine, with quality information, sharing of experience and good questions to be discussed. Genmay should not allow mods to abuse power like this.

pyramid 07-01-2011 12:44 AM



TheMorlock 07-01-2011 12:45 AM

STFU Polyp keep your crazy shit in crazy town

tendonlicker 07-01-2011 01:12 AM

shit's about to go bananas

pyramid 07-01-2011 01:17 AM

[QUOTE=tendonlicker;24799715]shit's about to go bananas[/QUOTE]


Golf(e) 07-01-2011 01:31 AM

I didnt read the second post, but the first one seems innocent and not worthy of a ban at all.

What was the topic of the thread?

RiderOnTheStorm 07-01-2011 04:38 AM

Yeah, I definitely don't care.

Edit: Riders*

d4rkspike 07-01-2011 04:41 AM

he DEMANDS retribution for your sins. ATONE.

RiderOnTheStorm 07-01-2011 04:43 AM

I'll do it but only on another spiritual plane. See ya there Ry!

Creepster 07-01-2011 04:44 AM

RidersOfTheStorms is a realy cool guy. he doesn't afraid of anything :cool:

RuHo 07-01-2011 05:28 AM

I'd go and find that anigif of Dawson BAWWWWW'ing but I can't be arsed, in conclusion fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you!!!!!!!!!!

smizack 07-01-2011 05:30 AM


edit: goddammit, b10 like a bitch :(

RiderOnTheStorm 07-01-2011 05:35 AM


edit: goddammit, b10 like a bitch :([/QUOTE]

I :heart: you anyway bb

smizack 07-01-2011 05:45 AM

[QUOTE=RiderOnTheStorm;24799783]I :heart: you anyway bb[/QUOTE]



tendonlicker 07-01-2011 06:05 AM


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