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someone else 03-29-2012 05:43 PM

FS: Pentax 645 Film camera w/ lenses
I have for sale a Pentax 645 medium format, manual focus film camera. $400 shipped and its all yours.

Included in the sale:

Pentax 645 body with front and rear body caps
120 Film Insert with case
220 Film Insert with case
75mm/F2.8 Leaf Shutter (Will sync with flash up to 1/500 sec)
80-160/F4 zoom lens
Shutter release cable
A couple rolls of 120 film to get you started.

The camera is in great working shape. Shutter is accurate.

The 80-160/F4 lens is optically fantastic. Works like a charm. However, there is some cosmetic issues. It appears the lens was dented at some time on the barrel. This does not affect usability, however, it does "bind" a bit when focusing. It works perfectly still. The filter rings aren't great, but you can get a filter on them. I have example images I can show you, and I can show you the negatives as well if you'd like. Nice big negatives, very sharp,

The 75mm/F2.8 leaf shutter lens works and is optically very good, if you use the leaf shutter. It currently does not work with the body shutter - there is a loose connection in the front of the lens where the whole leaf shutter mechanism is, not allowing you to switch out of leaf shutter mode. This won't be very expensive to get fixed at a camera shop - I just never did it, as I mostly work outdoors and the zoom lens was plenty fast enough.

I am willing to bargain a bit on price. I want to move up to a Fuji GA645 and I don't see the point in owning two 645 cameras - besides, I need to pay for it! I love the Pentax's versatility, but for my work, the Fuji just seems to be the better choice for me. Besides, I plan on adding a 6x6 or 6x7 down the line.

Some examples of the Pentax images:



Nevermore 03-29-2012 06:03 PM

I'm ready to suck $400 worth of dick.


someone else 03-29-2012 06:13 PM

[QUOTE=Nevermore;24999308]I'm ready to suck $400 worth of dick.


The plane ticket to get here and suck my dick would cost more than $400.

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