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theLiberator 04-27-2004 09:31 PM

Official Lineage 2 (Retail) Thread
Okay so it goes live in about 30 minutes (though I won't be there : ( ) and I thought I'd just officially kick it off...

Current GeneralMayhem Clan (Those who have joined and those who have yet to join)
Herellor (Me)
McGoatse (Camelmix)
Eadwyn (CS Player)
3o1 (Patondeez)
Epito (Epitome)
CyN1cKnight (Cyn1cal)
Camelmix's friend
Pampita (Non-genmay that I found)

3 tanks (Eadwyn, McGoatse, Cyn1cknight, Mchagg, Skullcrushar = 5/3 - shouldn't be a problem because 1. haven't found any dwarves yet, 2. clan level up is pretty soon)
1 rogue, i.e. dagger and unlock skills (3o1 = 1/1 w00t)
2 archers (Me and possibly Flint 1/2)
1 mage (Camelmix's friend 1/1)
1 healer (Epito, Amzavier 2/1 - no problem after clan level up)
1 artisan (0/1)
1 scavenger (Pampita 1/1)

If you guys can raise 650k adena before I get back, that'd be nice. I should be in by Saturday.

Epitome 04-27-2004 09:45 PM


goku238 04-27-2004 09:49 PM

i thought it went live at 10 PST (what the front page said anyway)

theLiberator 04-27-2004 09:50 PM

[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by goku238 [/i]
[B]i thought it went live at 10 PST (what the front page said anyway) [/B][/QUOTE]

9 pm PST.

e-:tard: 04-27-2004 10:14 PM

What level are all of you? Still sub 30 right?

sabrina 04-27-2004 10:43 PM

Looks like I'll be waiting to play the WoW beta before I decide which one to get into, don't want 2 - 3 games taking up all of my time! :P

Exaotus 04-27-2004 10:56 PM

I still like the other thread better! Boycott! :mad:

Russky 04-27-2004 10:58 PM

Woot I'm in. So nice to see more people with normal handles not starting with a lower case letter or ones that have numbers in it~

Exaotus 04-27-2004 11:15 PM


camelmix 04-28-2004 12:54 AM


walkingcarpet 04-28-2004 01:03 AM


Exaotus 04-28-2004 01:06 AM


x3r0n 04-28-2004 07:36 AM

sounds fun :\

camelmix 04-28-2004 01:19 PM


ProjectileVomit 04-28-2004 02:02 PM

so who has actually played in retail? is the grim collector quest back now?

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