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seiferguy 11-13-2006 10:42 PM

Genmay wikipedia entry deleted :(
About a week ago, I looked up Genmay on Wikipedia and found an entry, which displayed the wonderful history of Genmay. Looked up Genmay today, and alas, the link has been deleted :(


Why they did they delete us off Wikipedia?

And for the record, General Mayhem is gone too.


[QUOTE=Tom Cruise;19920670][COLOR="Red"][CENTER]
[SIZE="7"]My first Genmay Cliffs

Links to his stuff:[/B][/U][/SIZE]


[URL="("]His live journal[/URL]

[URL=""]His website [/URL]

[URL=""]"]his pic page[/URL]

[URL=""]His musical taste [/URL]

1. seiferguy discovers [URL=""]our wiki page [/URL]has been deleted

2. Genmay gets fired up and is disgusted by our deletion from the world famous internet source

3. After about 30 posts or so of "THIS IS AN OUTRAGE" we finally get onto some action

4. We discover we still have a similar [URL=""]copy[/URL] over at incase we need it

5. Jester manages to find the person who did it [URL=""]saxifrage[/URL] aka sexyfag

6. Martin points out that SA is still up on wiki so why the fuck has Genmay been deleted

7. an argument begins on the discussion page and some wiki members rip Saxifrage's argument to shreds. his main point is genmay's lack of "notability" but as Jester points out isn't that exactly what "Walken For Pres 08" gained us?

8. Saxifrage apparently reveals he used to post on the [M] years ago

9. Kid Hero and others slowly realise how much of a douche this guy is upon finding his User Page

[CENTER][I]Normalised parts of me

By no choice of my own, these are things that filter how I see the world:

* male gender
* Western world
* capitalism
* Canada
* feminism
* public and University education

[edit] Adopted biases

I am, by choice...

* socialist
* areligious/secular
* non-monogamous
* mildly anti-capitalist
* mildly anti-communist
* pacifist
* anti-war
* sex-positive

10. The vandilisation begins as saxifrage is told to suck/eat dick by TriaD

11. Hilarity ensues as Saxifrag's questionable [URL=""]hobbies[/URL] are revealed

12. Kid-Hero suggests a mass deletion application to gain genmay "notability"

13. Reuben34 is the first to call for vault (though it may be slightly early)

14. Tom Cruise posts a link with edits on his user page, people now release we can mess with his Profile as well

15. digital mocking [URL=""]states[/URL] "well, forum wars are bannable, but that's not really a forum, is it?"

16. popnfresh6298 makes a funny [URL=""]addition[/URL] to his page

17. space monkey also creates the funny with this addition to his [URL=""]medal collection[/URL]

18. A selection of funny print screens are posted

- [URL=""]nameless? [/URL]
- [URL=""]Seaweed's 1[/URL]
- [URL=""]Seaweed's 2 [/URL]

19. Pictures of him/girlfriends/friends arrive from his Flickr page (chops amongst these) (Seaweed gathered most of these, lots of potential chops here)
- [url][/url]
- [url][/url] (chop)
- [url][/url] (chop)
- [url][/url]
- [url][/url] (chop)
- [url][/url] (chop)
- [url][/url]
- [url][/url]
- [url][/url]
- [url][/url]
- [url][/url]
- [url][/url]
- [url][/url]
- [url][/url]
- [url][/url]
- [url][/url]
- [URL=""](With "hot" chick)[/URL]
- [URL=""](chop by Welcome)[/URL]
- [URL=""] (gif by seaweed)[/URL]
- [URL=""](gif 2 by seaweed)[/URL]
- [URL=""](chop by mcovey)[/URL]
- [URL=""](chop by Oblivious)[/URL]

20. Seaweed destoys Something Awful's [URL=""]page[/URL]

21. icw@ter [URL=""]enters[/URL] with gloom and doom

22. jester and WaW make [URL=""]good points[/URL]

23. [SIZE="7"][B]Page 3 [/B][/SIZE]

24.lonedawg suggests a [URL=""]good idea[/URL], if anyone can be bothered

25. I [URL=""]insult[/URL] him

26. As do [URL=""]others[/URL]

27. Prowler makes an [URL=""]interesting point[/URL]... :rolleyes:

28. [URL=""]Paladin is upset[/URL] by the destruction of Wikipedia by hundreds of 44ks, however most of us agree we don't want mass destruction just big time shens on this one guy

29. GavinZac makes a good [URL=""]connection [/URL]

30.[URL=""] Rizla destroys him [/URL]on his discussion page

31. [URL=""]chop[/URL] from Xcobita

32. more calls for the deletion of SA, Slashdot etc, and people asking how we go about doing it

33. Funny chops from [URL=""]kidhero [/URL]and [URL=""]seaweed[/URL]

34. thegreatice finds a [URL=""]personal ad[/URL] [URL=""](post[/URL]) and checks with [URL=""](post) [/URL]

35. Mertous posts a picture of lot of useful [URL=""]info [/URL]

36. A couple calls to move to PMO, Altered minds or somewhere else

37. [SIZE="7"][B]Page 4[/B][/SIZE]

38. Lots of <3 for the [M] and he apparently makes an appearance on AIM

39. BCS [URL=""]delivers

40. I call for us to rally together and do something big rather than just defacing his user page all day

41. Erox edits [URL=""]SA's page [/URL]

42. BCS [URL=""]delivers even more[/URL] [URL=""]Temp site

43. [URL=""]Seaweed calls[/URL] for someone to cache of his pages

44. bit of chitchat between old members

45. Straw man finds his [URL=""]youtub[/URL]e

46. Janet Reno [URL=""]delivers the funny[/URL]

47. Calls to move it to Altered Minds increase

48. Siriusnova[URL=""]rallies the troops into battle mode[/URL] [url][/url]

49. Dastrike [URL=""]locks the thread [/URL]

50. Mods check in (they have a bit of an e-muscle workout)

51. Everyone agrees it should be unlocked excluding sarah and dastrike

52. Much arguing about legal issues and what Sanjay wants for Gen[M]ay

53. Sarah is verbally annihilated by the 39th street frontman Aussiehax. Revenge is served .The thread gets unlocked by Aussiehax and the [URL=""]cliffs[/URL] are finally posted

54. The people of genmay rejoice and hope for plentiful shens ahead

55. Dastrike [URL=""]replie[/URL]s before leaving us. Democracy has spoken!

56. [SIZE="7"]PAGE 5[/SIZE]

57. Kid Hero makes a good [URL=""]post[/URL] about what we need to do and what we need to avoid (Includes cliffs)

58. FlyNavy attempts to [URL=""]insult [/URL]Aussiehax

59. Bitching ensues

60. LilMisCupCake and FlyNavy begin [URL=""]spamming[/URL] the thread

61. Thread gets s[URL=""]pammed and de-railed[/URL] and words get thrown, i'm not going to cliff this but it starts around here

62. Finishes [URL=""]here [/URL]

63. Kid Hero tries to bring us back on topic with [URL=""]this [/URL]

64. 1MeanBean suggests to make a [URL=""]gay personal ad [/URL]

65. I suggest a [URL=""]IRC cha[/URL]n for us to talk (#wikipedia on

66. thegreatice produces the [URL=""]gay personal ad [/URL]

67. 1MeanBean checks the [URL=""]Walken newspaper stuff [/URL]and reveals that we are not mentioned

68. People suggest doing campaigns for hilary clinton, jesus and Charlie Sheen

69. Misutiku makes a good point [url][/url]

70. We discover its not allowed to have a username similar to a real orginization, such a [URL=""]saxifrage[/URL] does

71. We begin to use [URL=""]wiki laws[/URL] on the admins

72. People talk about getting other forums/sites involved

73. Kuanlong [URL=""]diggs[/URL] it

74. Jester calls for [URL=""]stalking of Wafulz[/URL] due to this being posted at SA

75. The [URL=""]SA thread [/URL]

76. Clevername posts a pic of a [URL=""]typical Wiki meet [/URL]

77. We need new direction[/QUOTE]

78. Renork, Post random pic of YMCA

79. Mcovey post where to get and send [URL=""]boxes[/URL]

80. The sleuthing for Wafulz [URL=""]begins[/URL]

81. Thegreatice [URL=""]rationalizes[/URL] that it must be wafulz

82. Confirmation is [URL=""]posted[/URL]

83. uRizen reposts the [URL=""]cranstar[/URL]

84. Much discussion is made, but no one has the balls to [URL=""]execute[/URL]

85. Infested cats posts Saxifag feeling the [URL=""]fear[/URL]

86. d3fr0573r posts were the old genmay wiki is going to be hosted and buffed up to have [URL=""]notability[/URL]

87. repost of the [URL=""]info[/URL] for pranks

88. misutiku posts the [URL=""]sources[/URL] for citing in a wiki article

89. Infested Cats posts a short [URL=""]call[/URL] to wafagz.


let the waffles begin

nameless? 11-13-2006 10:42 PM


growler 11-13-2006 10:42 PM


Gearhead 11-13-2006 10:42 PM


FatCat4-9'er 11-13-2006 10:42 PM

[QUOTE=nameless?;19915706]THIS IS AN OUTRAGE![/QUOTE]

-espionage- 11-13-2006 10:44 PM


djfacemachine 11-13-2006 10:44 PM

we can rebuild it. we have the technology.

gg next 11-13-2006 10:45 PM


gg next 11-13-2006 10:45 PM


growler 11-13-2006 10:46 PM

[QUOTE=DJFaceMachine;19915731]we can rebuild it. we have the technology.[/QUOTE]

we can make it better then it was

better stronger faster

FatCat4-9'er 11-13-2006 10:46 PM


death_tron5000 11-13-2006 10:46 PM

they'll never understand geeks like us at teh [m]

why_ask_why 11-13-2006 10:46 PM

[QUOTE=seiferguy;19915696]About a week ago, I looked up Genmay on Wikipedia and found an entry, which displayed the wonderful history of Genmay. Looked up Genmay today, and alas, the link has been deleted :(


Why they did they delete us off Wikipedia?

And for the record, General Mayhem is gone too.[/QUOTE]

you probably deleted the shit, fag
if not, we're all gonna end up at guantanamo :eek:

FatCat4-9'er 11-13-2006 10:47 PM

We're talking about unchecked aggression here, dude.

FatCat4-9'er 11-13-2006 10:47 PM

This is what happens when you fuck genmay in the ass!

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