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thegooseguru 05-15-2005 04:43 PM

Vienge is a Daddy! (pics)
So yeah, I'm excited and running out of places to brag about my the [M] gets an update (wanted or not :p ) from ~thegooseguru~

My baby girl; born April 30th at 9:24am via C section (had to be an emergency surgery because of my blood pressure & because she was still breech :( ). She was born at 37 weeks to the day (that's about 3 weeks early) and was a whopping 21 inches long and 10lbs 2 oz. She spent her first 11 days in the ICN because of fluid in her lungs, however she is completely healthy & happy now.

GenMay, meet Kaitlyn Elizabeth (at least until the crappy pic host dies)... Kaitlyn Elizabeth, meet...well...not until she's 21 :p





[quote]Kabn's Cliffs
[b]Vienge Is a Daddy[/b]

1611 CDT
[list=1][*]thegooseguru posts a [url=]thread[/url] showing off her new baby.[*]gets both [url=]supporters[/url] and [url=]detractors[/url].[*][url=]details[/url] about perceived sterility and birth.[*]Vienge [url=]pops in[/url] for some drama.[*]marriage [url=]details[/url] and defensiveness against the Vienge comments, as well as gratuitous [url=]boob[/url] comments to get thread back on track.[*]drama explosion. Vienge [url=]asserts[/url] she used him for jealousy while Bonnie all but [url=]calls her out[/url].[*]Vienge makes a [url=]call[/url] for peace after trying to lock the thread to stop the drama.[*]small [url=]rebuttal[/url] and clarification from goose.[*]kristchan [url=]questions[/url] the validity of goose's earlier assertions on weight gain and her awareness of her pregnancy.[*]LilMs gets in a little [url=]barb[/url].[*]goose is getting [url=]pissed[/url].[*][url=]pics[/url] of involved parties.[*]Vienge throws down and promises to [url=]post[/url] pics of goose.[*]100 megaton drama [url=]bomb[/url] when Vienge posts the pics he purports as the "real" gooseguru. unflattering to say the least.[*]kristchan is [url=]funny[/url].[*]first official call of [url=]shens[/url], laid down by FlyNavy.[*]the [url=]banter[/url] with LilMs seems scripted and shennish, but we go on.[*]Lynnakitty [url=]drops in[/url] to offer an opinion on Ferox's attractiveness.[*]mystery [url=]disease[/url] goose purported to have at one point.[*]Bonnie [url=]writes[/url] about the night goose supposedly disappeared and tells Vienge to get a paternity test.[*]slight [url=]tangent[/url] about LilMs' previous love life.[*]Bonnie is [url=]observant[/url].[*]continuing female [url=]pity[/url] party.[*]interesting [url=]pic[/url].[*]questions arise concerning the validity of the real Lynnakitty's [url=]verified[/url] state, considering the similarities to the current situation.[*]someone has bad [url=]aim[/url].[*]at some point, goose is [url=]KC'd[/url].[*]FlyNavy asserts that wildthing and Lynnakitty are [url=]not[/url] the same person.[*]Bonnie does some [url=]searching[/url] and links to some nice posts/threads.[*]day crew shows up.[*]FlyNavy still holds his [url=]call[/url] of shens.[*]DM [url=]agrees.[/url].[*]Vienge [url=]asserts[/url] his validity, and says there was no [url=]penetration[/url].[*]Lynna [url=]comes up[/url] again.[*]nobody [url=]cares[/url] what anyone else thinks of their looks.[*]we somehow go from goose to working out to the debated existence of the regeneration of [url=]alveoli[/url]. don't ask.[*]Lynna is a [url=]dirty OMGOMGOMGOMG[/url].[*]my [url=]wang[/url] comes up. lol pun.[*]Ken is apparently [url=]abusing[/url] large text. i cannot says if it's physical or sexual.[*]requisite vault [url=]talk[/url].[*]ZangMonkey [url=]offers[/url] to meet everyone and verify.[*]Vienge [url=]reasserts[/url] the truth of the events and calls the thread to a close, eventually using a later bump to express [url=]regret[/url] at how the drama was handled.[/list][/quote]

Stooka 05-15-2005 04:44 PM



edit: aww <3

Geotpf 05-15-2005 04:44 PM

Awwwwwwww. :heart:

Edit: Damn, beaten. :mad: :lol:

OxBlooD 05-15-2005 04:45 PM


Molotov 05-15-2005 04:45 PM

Id hit it

augusttremulous 05-15-2005 04:45 PM

cute! :heart:

newbtard 05-15-2005 04:45 PM

[QUOTE=Geotpf]Awwwwwwww. :heart:[/QUOTE]

schzim 05-15-2005 04:45 PM

Needs better spelling of first na,e.

nailPuppy 05-15-2005 04:45 PM


Streetlights 05-15-2005 04:45 PM

why does it have a red mark on its face

Suicide King 05-15-2005 04:45 PM

what gang sports bright yellow colors :confused:

Streetlights 05-15-2005 04:46 PM


kristchan 05-15-2005 04:46 PM

beautiful! congratz!

[SIZE=1]I am sooo not asking the question I really want to ask. omg it's killing me.[/SIZE]

Jherr007 05-15-2005 04:46 PM

stick it in a blender

genius 05-15-2005 04:47 PM

omfg,,, I just wanna tutch the arm or leg :) babyskin :heart:

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