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i put a marshmellow 2din in my honda.
it just about does what i need, with the exception of bluetooth phone pairing which is absolutely shit. 1 call, and i have to re-pair it.
radio reception and audio media work fine, and i-go nav is great. it has that bd2d bollocks for the fast n' furious gauges and crap and a reverse camera. the dashcam is just about ok, but a bit choppy. its not the camera, that works fine on my pc. i think the cpu is struggling to keep all the shit running.

get yourself android car launcher ag for the buck it costs. makes it look more gooder.

just a shame the BT is arse.

Can you restart the OS?

The BT was unpairing on my Ford SYNC radio. All tech support could do was walk me through a lengthy process of deleting ALL paired devices and re-pairing. After the fifth time of BT going out and not being able to re-pair the phone (because I had an UBER passenger in the car and with SYNC you are unable to pair devices while the car is moving, for safety reasons) I decided to try the "Restart SYNC" option which solved the problem.
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