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Not sure what you mean with restart the OS. I have the pairing problem with my iphone and my 8000 year old nokia. I did a factory reset of the radio and lost a lot of the apps incl igo and the dashcam app. Had to send it back to amazon.
Deleting the cache of the bt app helps when all else fails, but i think its just crap hardware on the radio side. A bt steering wheel remote refuses to connect when every other bt device sees it.

Its just a bum radio.

I can live with it though, i often ignore my cell when im driving, and my kids can get me on skype which alays works. (But they have to end the call, if i end it the radio doesnt un-mute itself and i wont hear music untill i use skype again )

Restart the OS --> the operating system

Restart the computer. You know that's a computer in your dash, right?

Anyway, I was just relaying my experience and fix.
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