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9) Finally (the physical evidence that will convince you in case you already aren't)...
You will notice, in watching the video, that 6 times, a gold ring flashes on the hand of the executioner. What is the problem? Islam completely and utterly forbids men to wear gold rings. This fanatical muslim, willing to kill in a gutwrenching manner, and be killed for his beliefs, is violating one of the clear prohibitions of his religion? Really? DOES THIS MAKE SENSE TO YOU?

Islam also forbids killing....I guess bombing and flying planes into buildings isnt killing huh?

I knew this would be brought up - please read the sources I have posted and you will see why this is a non-issue. Also, the Quran does indeed allow killing if it is "just" and furthers the interests of Islam (see The Pit for more info, plenty of threads about this). Wearing gold rings is blatantly and completely disallowed with no exceptions.
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