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with your superlative investigative skills and the incontravertable evidence you presented by such reputable journalist outlets such as the infallable cnn; mike, you should consider working for intelligence or hell, run for the presidency of the united states. oh gee. the litmus test for legitmacy must be that if it's posted on the internet and some nut can link to it, it MUST be true.

the issue with berg being detained by u.s. authorities is still being scrutinized, o' mikey boy. your evidence is inconclusive. your speculation is only speculation, and i am deeply dissapointed for those who recieve your flawed theories as gospel. there is contention that berg was withheld by iraqi authorities because they were determining his purpose in iraq (not being a contractor, or related to the u.s. in any regard other than sheer citizenship and the fact that he was interested in assisting iraqis and furthering his business venture). in his refusal to leave iraq, because he was contacted by FBI and was offered a hasty escorted exit, he was tragically kidnapped by zarqawi.,2933,119864,00.html,2933,119734,00.html

met with, not detained by. don't drink and differentiate. it's dangerous.

muslums do not wear rings therefore, that must preclude these people in question from their supposed identities? by that logic, muslums do not disobey their own laws. how inconceivable! therefore, those dolts that wore the oh so allah-forbbidden accessories must not be muslums by that very same virtue. they don't mistreat their prisoners either, as Muhammad taught. neither do they drink, abuse their own bodies as temples of god, rape, steal, lie, or otherwise act human.

let's see you respond without resorting to infantile name calling and your third grade rhetoric.

i have more worthwhile activities to engage in than to entertain and amuse you, troll. for instance, sleeping, spamming, and watching paint dry.

furthermore, wtf makes you believe you're entitled to special treatment? pit, mofo!

First of all, you attack my credibility because I posted a single CNN link - and then you post three Fox News links? I need not say more.

As for your discussion of Berg's meeting with US soldiers (which dominated your post, despite taking up only a single line in my initial post), I hardly see how this disproves what I have said. You are simply regurgitating something we (those who have looked into the matter) already know.

And finally, as for the gold ring - these men believe what they are doing is MORAL and CORRECT. Unfortunately, your assertions about Islam are false, or simply half-truths. As I have said, Islam condones the killing of others if the cause is "moral". These men believe their cause is moral. Gold rings, on the other hand, are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. Unlike murder, there is no way around this.
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