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But, as I have stated many times, their timing is atrocious for their cause. They had the entire world reeling at the US over this abuse scandal. These people are in fact SO good at manipulation and politics that they can brainwash ordinary citizens into dying for their radical islamist cause. Does this sound like the pack of idiots who would release a video that essentially covers their enemy's ass just as the planet finally starts to side with them?

This is all well and good, except that the people doing this don't want to win in the court of public opinion. They want to flat out kill, maim and destroy Americans and our allies. If they were trying to negotiate, this might not make sense, but all they want to do is fight and kill. By ensuring that the Americans have reason to stay and fight, they accomplish their goals. These people do not fear death nor do they fear fighting, most of them welcome it. You are trying to apply your logic to the actions of a terrorist. You completely misunderstand their objectives and, consequently, fail in your analysis of motives.
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