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1) Most people replied by asserting that the execution occured as retribution to the abuse photos that had surfaced, but you have to ask yourself - do these terrorists, who are clearly capable of brainwashing people to the point where they are willing to kill and be killed for their beliefs, really have no concept of political tact? Here they are, the whole world screaming at the US for hypocrisy and injustice over these pictures, and they perform and publish this execution right in the heat of the scandal. In other words, these masters of brainwashing and spin and deception release a video of a despicable act just as the US, their sworn enemy, is being globally grilled. Does this make sense to you?

what? this makes no sense to anyone

2) Second, I wonder what the standard issue chair is at Abu Ghraib prison?

Well how the fuck would you know? Were you stationed there? What makes you think those are even the same kind of chair? They look similar but they could be made my totally different compaines. Hell they could be different colors (know anything about digital pictures or photoshop?)

3) Is it not interesting that the wall colour at Abu Ghraib prison is identical to that of the video?

depending on the camera (very shitty one the terrorists use in the vid) the colors could be completly different. so no sale on this one.

6) Is it also not interesting that Berg did not exhibit any of the convulsions that typically accompany decapitation? I am suggesting here that Berg was already dead when the decapitation occured (which accounts for 5). Before you go calling me crazy, please review the evidence; why did he not exhibit the convulsions that go hand in hand with decapitation (especially such an extended one)?

the link you posted is for rodents. a man is not a rat. this point is questionable tho but there were 4 people to hold the guy down AND they could have cut his spinal cord thus ending any convulsions.

7) Is it not curious that the US denies contact with Berg, and yet his friends and family insist that he told them he was being held by the US? Huh? Why?

Well this is total horseshit.

8) Another tape oddity - the men SPEAK RUSSIAN for several seconds. Not only that, but they speak Arabic with Russian accents. That's right, in the final seconds of the tape, one of the men speaks in Russian. Those here who understand russian (and have the stomach to view that final seconds of the video) can verify this. Those who speak Arabic will be able to verify that these men speak Arabic in Russian accents.

more lies.

9) Finally (the physical evidence that will convince you in case you already aren't)...
You will notice, in watching the video, that 6 times, a gold ring flashes on the hand of the executioner. What is the problem? Islam completely and utterly forbids men to wear gold rings. This fanatical muslim, willing to kill in a gutwrenching manner, and be killed for his beliefs, is violating one of the clear prohibitions of his religion? Really? DOES THIS MAKE SENSE TO YOU?

I already debunked the gold ring.


you are full of shit.
"I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do because I notice it always coincides with their own desires."
. . . Susan B. Anthony
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