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their cause? their cause is to be their own fucking country with no help from the US, and deffinitely not being humiliated by the US. It is pretty clear these people will do anything to not allow their people to be humiliated anymore, both by occupation and in the prisons.

Come on, you cannot be serious here.
Put yourself in their shoes.

A story has just come out about US forces systematically abusing Iraqi prisoners. The entire planet is furious at the US, and many are calling for a full pullout (mind you, I do not support this, since pulling out would plunge the area into chaos).

Do you
a) Bide your time and let the world hate the US, and insist that they pull out of your country (which you want them to leave)?
b) Kidnap and decapitate an American and publish the video, swaying world opinion back to the US's favour and ensuring continued occupation of Iraq?

Come on now. Common sense.
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