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The blasts originated in the basements, not along the sides of the upper parts of structure.

Seismic recorders conclusively show that the biggest disturbances happened just before each tower began to fall.

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Because it is not my theory. I posted it here for rational discussion; I neither wrote it nor fully support it.
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If you examine the pictures for more than a fraction of a second you will notice that the pod is in front of the engines on the body of the plane, not behind them.

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Ok, so I took more than a fraction of a second to look at the pictures. I even took so much time to download the picture, and then upload it to iupload to post it here.

And lets look at that little circle this guy drew on the picture. Now, I'm analyzing. front of the engines...mhmmm.... defines front as: The area, location, or position directly before or ahead.

No, no, I'm going to have to say that this "pod" is not in "front of the engines.

[QUOTE=twheatley]it is a 32 degree kink, i measured it with a protractor.[/QUOTE]

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