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Glocks are great if you have large hands. My ex-wife and my father both had a hard time firing a glock 19. a 1911 would be marginally smaller. but yah any more than $500 for a charles daly is dumb, they have TONS of injection molded metal parts, which is bad.

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I feel a 1911 is better for home defense due to the manual safteys.A Glock has none,but they are good guns.You better have the trigger covered or be sure your finger never gets near the trigger until needed.
Glocks are cheaper in most cases tho.

I have the PT1911 and i like it alot.Its a very well put together gun for the price.

I do like the 1911 platform very much, if I OWB carried I would probably carry a 1911 a lot more, but 99% of my carry is iwb, which I prefer the glock for
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