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sadly if you dont have anyone to point you in the right direction, no.

This is quite true unfortunately. Eve is very much an MMO - the fun is doing stuff with other people, not soloing around. Hit up the recruitment channel ingame and/or the recruitment forum. Talk to some people to try and find a corp that's a good fit for what you think you'd like to do in the game. An obvious place to look at would be the Eve University - they have classes to teach you the basics of eve as well as some 0.0 access.

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... but my god those guys are s of epic proportions. their leader is an "interweb celeberty"

Could that not be said to some degree about goonfleet as well?

But, I'm pretty biased. I'll probably be seing you soon xsp - by this time next week I'll be a part of the MC (with CONIN) if we accept their merger offer.
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