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OH noes, BoBs personal bitch, MC is coming for us! whatever willl they do! i wonder if anyone still has any doubts how much theyre in bed together...

its funny what forum whores these guys are, and they have the entire eve universe terrified by their "egos." so what does goonfleet do? we wardec the entire galaxy of course. sooner or later theyre going to realize that shooting frigates isnt fun, especialy when those frigates manage to gank their HAC's.

im still waiting for ASCN to do something cool...


I love shooting frigates as much as anything else.

MC are a Merc Corp who have been hired to do a job. Nothing more and nothing less.

Are we good friends with BoB? Of course we are and no one ever denies that fact. Just because we choose our friends wisely is no reason to hate us
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