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sigh.. i thought you were better than that. fight the machine!

as far as i can tell, the only reason the entire galaxy seems to hate us is because we dont play the game the same way as them. that, and the fact that they have no actual clue who we are or what we do, just what they have shoved up their asses from reading the abomination of a forum on the eve website

RSYN's just sick of syndicate and killing 3fa day after day. We've been here for a year and it's time for a change. We figured that joining the MC would give us something new and different to do somewhere other than syndicate. Granted, our alliance crumbling has acted as a bit of a catalyst.

I think the reason most people don't like you guys is sort of a cyclical thing:
You guys are playing goons in space, so don't care what others think
Others don't like that/don't understand it/hate some of your leadership
You guys don't care and have no desire to play politics
More hate

Also, the frigate blob is incredibly frustrating to fight against. :P

But it is kind of funny reading stuff on the eve-o forums and seeing people who are totally clueless as to how and why goonfleet works.
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