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If you can find an Aero Precision or PSA lower you'll find pretty good cheap lowers. Just looking at my most common ar15 stores and there is nothing to be had. One things for sure, Barack Obama is the best thing to happen to gun sales ever. PSA and Aero lowers are around the $80-90 price. Most lowers are more expensive than that but not really for any particular reason. I have a Gen 2 noveske lower that I paid like 240 for. That's expensive for no good reason. If you can buy a blemished lower then go ahead and do so. The blemishes may be real minor and even so its just in the blueing and who cares. Paint the bitch green and move on. AR15's are supposed to be war fighting guns. Not works of art. Get it dirty, shoot the fuck out of it and get it scratched up.

You can buy a colt 6920 for around $1000. I've been assembling ar15s for a few years now and unless you go with shit parts you can't really get any better than a Colt @ that price. It may sound high but you're buying the standard by which all others are measured and its reasonably priced. Buy soon before the price gouging begins. Because it WILL happen.

If you still have your mil ID submit it to They have hefty military discounts and I buy as much as I can there because of that. also has military discounts that are good and the site is laid out really well. PSA's website has a lot of good prices on a lot of stuff. I'm really surprised at how cheap their products sell for. They claim to use FN barrels which if true is extraordinary since FN doesn't sell ar15 stuff to civilians. The M16a4s the Marine Corps use are FN.

And if you bump into someone who claims some hunk of shit is "just as good as a Colt" at the same price they're most likely lying to you unless they are talking about BCM, DD, LMT, Noveske, Larue, or Vltor. Bushmaster, DPMS, Rock River, Model 1 are all shit brands and if they charge more than $600-700 for one they're ripping you off. But if all you're doing is going to the range a couple of times a year then they're probably fine. Bushmaster wont cycle wolf ammo though, so be warned.
Colt owns the TDP for the ar15 not the US government. Years ago the DOD sent out copies of the TDP to all the other major manufactures to get better quotes. Colt sued the DOD to get the copies of the TDP back from them because it was their IP. All of the TDP copies were returned except for 1. FN kept their copy and funny enough, look who the only other company to make military grade ar15s en masse: FN All those good brands I mentioned above make the same or better weapons as Colt but can't make them on the scale that Colt and FN can. The reason people claim their Rock River or Bushmaster or DPMS is "just as good" is because some gun store moron told them so. The Bushmaster and ilk marketing machine is very large and powerful. Magazines get guns for free if they shill for brands, so don't trust them either. Bushmaster is now out of business and was consumed by DPMS. But it doesn't matter because they're both owned by Freedom group which is own by Cerberus. As is Remington, AAC, Marlin and others.

Rock river shit? Lol you're an idiot.

Quit sucking on the colt nipple. They make 2 styles of weapons and handcuffs and that is it.

Colt is like Japanese (read honda and toyota) car manufactures. Making mediocre and average reliability cars, and every one gets wet in their pants every time a new accord comes out, yet it's exactly I the same as before with different styling.
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