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I think its time for a new car; what would [M] do?

Ugh, so I'm finally tired of my RX-8. I had the engine replaced a little over a year ago and now it's leaking oil because my oil lines have rusted out. This car is beginning to get way under my nerves and I think it's time to put it to pasture. I've been wanting something new for a while, and I have the money to do it, so...instead of just dumping more money into this stupid thing, I think I'm going to just take the plunge and go for a huge upgrade. I am budgeting around $80k.

I'm really liking the Porsche Cayman S; going tomorrow to finally test drive one with PDK and Sport Chrono to get a feel for it. I've also been thinking about the Audi RS5 (or save quite a bit of cash and go for a S5). I drove the S5 a while back when the wife's Q5 was in for service. It was OK, but...not thrilling enough for me to take it off the lot on the spot. I think the RS5 may do it, but that's really hard to come by for a test drive. I've also lusted over the R8 for a long time, but in my budget I'd have to move down to an 08'/'09 model with 20-30k miles. I'm not sure that's really worth it...I have a feeling that at that price point, I may as well put a few options into a new Cayman S, and I could even save a bit with a lightly used 2014 if I could find one optioned out in line with what I'd want. Finally, the new M4 has to be thrown in there. I'm not sure I love the way it looks, and I'm not the hugest BMW fanboi...but it does perform splendidly for what I'v been reading and has significantly more utility than the Porche.

Biggest problem is, all these cars are really different. The Audi R8 has a great interior and awesome performance, but it's going to be the most used and oldest and I'm not sure it's really worth it. I lust over it, but I wonder if I'll regret it. The Porche is probably my second choice, but it has no utility at all. So, then I can move up to the BMW, but optioned out it'll probably be at the top of my budget and may even entice me to extend it, and then I may regret not letting someone else take the depreciation hit, lol. Then there's the RS5, a great car, but probably the bottom of the barrel for performance. Not that it's a bad performer, but...everything else will wipe it up.

This will be my daily driver, but I drive under 30 miles a day, so given my daily commute is short the car will see most of its driving as fun outings and the occasional auto-x/track day. Utility is not too important to me, I can buy something cheap for that or use my wife's Q5. So it's really all about daily fun and maximizing my fun-to-budget ratio.

So my [M] brethren, what would you do?

TL;DR -- $80k budget; Porche Cayman S, Audi RS5 (or pretty used R8), BMW M4 -- thoughts? What about saving some cash and going for an S5 or even used M3? There are quite a few 2013 M3's in Fire Orange, a color I gravitate to, for around $70k.

edit: P.S. manual or auto doesn't matter, but to be honest, I've driven a manual for most my driving years and it's getting old. The newer dual-clutch transmissions are getting so good, I think I could make the switch.
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