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I'd honestly go with the R8.. although everything you listed are all very awesome cars no doubt. I wouldn't worry about how "used" an R8 is going to be (well, most of them anyway.) I'm guessing 90% are babied with full maintenance records etc. They're not exactly being bought by teenagers without a clue.
I know, but the thing is, I worry that most of them end up not at an Audi dealership but at some random "exotic car depot" or "random auto sales house". It doesn't really inspire confidence, and even the ones that do end up at dealers are no longer certified. Anything that may be off-lease are in the $100k range still. So, it's a real risk getting something that is exotic and way out of warranty. Which is why I worry I'll regret it. Part of me thinks that if I'm really serious about the R8 I should just fix the stupid RX-8, save for six more months, and then I can buy an off-lease R8. But, I'm sort of an immediate gratification kind of guy, and I really wonder how much more I really want the R8 over something else in the lower price bracket.... Then again...if I get a slightly used Porche, it probably won't depreciate too much more in that six months given my I really want the R8 then...hummm, lol. The wife would probably kill me for trading cars that fast, lol!

edit: that exhaust does sound sick....
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