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Here's why: I'm already running a tuned ECU. I'm not running my shitty Honda at 14:1 at 34PSI of boost, and wondering why my engine sounds like a coffee can full of marbles.

Even if I had my knock sensor plugged in, both the knock and main fuel and spark timings are identical (and conservative). This is the off the shelf tune from one of the most respected Nissan tuners around (Jim Wolf Tech). The only difference is that when the Nissan ECU detects knock, it cuts to safety boost (7PSI on stock turbos). Since the wastegate springs on my new turbos are actually ~12PSI, the stock boost cut does nothing (except illuminate a safety light I built and installed on the dash).

I've made small tweaks to the tune to adjust for my injectors (which I'm still dicking around with to get perfect). I may, down the road, elect to move to more aggressive main maps at which point, the knock sensor becomes a bigger issue. When it becomes a bigger issue (not before), I will resolve it.

Now, I'm sorry if I've offended your sensibilities by not running 80 spark advances and stuck with a nice fat, safe tune, but like I've said before: this car is going to remain well within the capabilities of the hardware I've installed. I'm not pushing anything to the very edge of reliability. If that means I only make 420HP instead of 500, that's 80HP I'm willing to sacrifice.

Yes, I'm offended, now go suck some dick for B16.

And, please post of engine carnage when you get a bad tank of fuel and blow the rods out the oil pan? Pretty please?
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