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No breaking stuff, no taking stuff, trash and butts get disposed of properly not discarded randomly... My parents worked long and hard to have the things they do and they will expect respect. Though I suspect the same is true in any of your households. That's about it for general rules but I figure you guys knew that stuff already. It's not like I'm hosting a high school kegger.

My rents will probably want us to leave them alone by around ~10pm, if they are around, but then we can mosey over to my place for as long as people still want to hang out.

Firearms: Please keep them unloaded and stowed in locked trunks/compartments unless you are an Oregon CC holder. If you plan on open or concealed carrying please let me know. Don't touch/handle/play with anyone's firearms without explicit permission to do so. Make sure any firearm is unloaded before letting someone else check it out, always, always, always. Obey standard firearms safety rules at all times...

Also, if you BYOGun you should BYOAmmo and take the possibility of guest shooters into account. Guest shooters who use my firearms are welcome to use my ammo. If you are coming from out of state and are worried about transporting ammo by plane or train, contact me and you can ground ship your ammo to me before hand if you want and I will store it here for you.

If things go well we may be able to make this place a regular genmay meeting spot. If not, this may be the one and only time you guys will ever get to see our property in person.

I'll bring some AK ammo but since you have an AK I'm gonna leave mine at home
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