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I'm going down swinging then
I let my house just go the past year or so since the GF moved in. Finally just comitting my time after work while she's away (still bartends at night) and I just tackle one big thing at a time. Both spare bedrooms are finally organized, and I just threw a fresh coat of paint on my back patio Saturday afternoon. I literally felt like I couldn;t relax in my own home until I got everything back to the way I had it when I was single, which is when I had all the time to keep my place tip-top. Now to just keep hacking the hedges back 3 feet at a time over the nxt couple of months to reclaim the sides of my home. Such a fucking bitch at this point. Some of the trunks are 8 inches in diameter. I let them go... bigtime
What sucks on the car side is the fact I've had lowering springs for like 5 months and haven't found the time to do it. Back in the day I would have put everything and everyone off to knock it out, and now I'm cleaning my house or doing brake jobs for less mechanically inclined friends. I need some me time at some point. Just need to figure it all out.
I'm the King of Wishful Thinking.....

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