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Update from last weekend.

Frame is now boxed. Doesn't look like much has been done, but I assure you, this was an all day job, and seemingly used about 2 miles of welding wire. The back of my hand was "sunburned" from the welding arc.

I opted for the lazy and easy path of recessing the boxing plates about 1/4 inch inside the frame. Going to the edge, and grinding away to make a nice solid smooth surface is probably a more desirable method, but I didn't trust my welding skills to make it look as good as I'd like. There is nothing wrong with this method, just not as clean looking. Also, this method provides a nice track to tuck wires and fuel line into. While grinding and finishing is required, its not near as labor intensive as the other alternative.

Next weekend. Setting rear cross member and k-member and cleaning up my welds. ONce thats done, I can presumably have a rolling chassis together in a day, and the hard work will be completed - providing the body fits onto the frame properly.
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