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Some of these I haven't seen yet:

Seattle, WA

Daniel's Broiler

Thats the only one I can think of now that's not already listed. Oh, waterfront:

Anthony's Homeport

And of course, if you're touring through Seattle, hit up the Pike Place Market. I don't know the names of all the places down there, but theres good cheap places, and there's higher scale places.

Now, for anyone who happens to be driving I-90 through Montana, Bozeman is about the only place worthing stopping at. IMO.

McKenzie River Pizza

Rosa's Pizza

First Class Dives (Hole in the wall, cheap joints)


Pickle Barrel

and, if you're ever up at 3am in a college town, find a college student and ask him where the nearest Pita Pit is.

[from user flood]
Mexican - Mama's Mexican Kitchen, 2nd and Bell
Italian - Romio's, several locations
Indian - Cedars, 50th and Brooklyn

[from user redrum781]
For pizza in the seattle area try Pagliacci's ( Some locations deliver / some you can eat-in. It's to die for

Oh, and two other random locations I've found:

Moscow, ID - Moscow Bagel. Best Bagel sandwich ever.

Chicago, IL - PotBelly Sandwiches - Best sandwich for under $4.

And of course, Chicago Style Pizza is the shiznit.

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