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How bad?

Actually it wasn't that "bad" really, just after I had the car for maybe 5 days and the daily high temp dropped dramatically (from 80s to 50s) I thought I could hear something which I figured was either a small boost leak, or detonation.. sure enough the next day I noticed a ton of blow by coming out of the catch can's vent. I bought a compression tester and a leakdown tester, started going cylinder by cylinder and eventually came to #4 which was definitely low on compression and had like 65% leakage lol.

So the car's been sitting back at the shop for 6 months waiting for the engine to get pulled and torn down to see wtf happened. On the plus side though, we are gonna do the swap to the split port heads from later year 3.8s (from 99-04 Mustangs, Windstars etc) and intake manifold which is a dramatic improvement over the original SC heads + early model intake manifold that is on it now.

Personally I think the basic culprit was just too much timing for the boost levels, that possibly became exaggerated when the temperatures dropped significantly and the car was definitely feeling a LOT faster with the much cooler fall air. Idk if that's how the relationship between boost + timing + air temperature even works though, but it seems like that's what happened.

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