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Forgive my questions (I haven't gotten into ARs yet, just finished my AK collection!)

So do the gas piston conversion systems replace the spring system in the gun? If I remember right from shooting an AR awhile ago, it had a massive spring in it that made loud sounds whenever firing it.

No, the spring is the buffer and its in the butt stock. It reduces recoil and pushes the bolt forward to chamber the next round. And if you heard it really over the round, the buffer tube needs to be cleaned out MADLY and wipe off the spring. Shouldnt really make that much noise

+ YouTube Video
ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

This video isnt particularly about the piston system but at about 1:05 he talks about how it works.
Formerly the gas came back into the chamber and directly moved the bolt back into the buffer. Imagine blowing down a straw to move something at the end of the straw. All the shit that was in your mouth is now on that object being moved. In the AR's case. It's carbon and hot gas. Dirty as hell.
The ak uses a gas piston system
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