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Gorgon I'm with you. .22 all the way. ar7 of perhaps even a full rifle. But I would take that for food for sure. There was an article in field and stream about .22 pistols for trail guns vs bigger caliber and the .22 just has more pro's than cons.
Yes you might not kill someone you come against, but the likelihood of you starving to death is probably just as threatening or more so than someone coming after you.
Plus, I'd be willing to bet, there are fewer people who own guns than dont own them. So youre chances are higher of running into someone who doesnt have a gun and as scared as people are of guns now, when theyre not all open carry and such I think the average run of the mil dude is going to be scared a little more than shitless when he sees anyone with a gun and he doesnt have one.

But yeah, AR7 in the bugout and AR15 on the shoulder. I carried 216 rounds of 556 in iraq and its pretty heavy, but 216 rounds of .22 lol lol lol lol. I just bought 1100 rounds on Friday, weight I'd say around 10-20 lbs. 1100 rounds of 556...shit...just some quick math and its around 60lbs...
The ar15 will be for the real OH SHIT.....but the .22 for oh shit, i'm hungry. Going to go grab me some rabbit

edit: rambly
Oh and to the guy who said garand
M1 garand...13.2 pounds (8 rounds) 43.6" long
M4 fully loaded 6.9 pounds (30 rounds) 29.8" long
Seems like an easy decision to me
At least say an m14...same weapon basically as the garand but ya know...better. And you can get them with composite stocks and bring the weight down to closer to 10lbs.
But still, if youve never carried something that weighs that much for a LOOOOOOONG time, you dont really realize how heavy that shit gets. I carried and m16a2 my first deployment and m16a4 for the second. The difference is around a pound to the a4 and you can tell after a couple of hours of

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