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So do the gas piston conversion systems replace the spring system in the gun? If I remember right from shooting an AR awhile ago, it had a massive spring in it that made loud sounds whenever firing it.

Nope they replace the gas tube at the front of firearm with a spring and piston that make the gun function more like an AK. Yeah, that buffer spring in the stock really makes some noise. I recently got a hydraulic buffer because I heard it lessened some of the spring twang. It didn't seem to do anything about the twang but it did seem to help a little with the recoil. I don't know about the problem being dirt either, I can hear the spring twanging away with a freshly cleaned and oiled gun.

Here is another video explanation of what is going on:
+ YouTube Video
ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

Around the middle or so they have a cutaway video animation of the two systems and how they operate.

And here is an instruction sheet with diagrams so you can see exactly what changes are made:

The gas piston replaces the gas tube which is part #3 in this diagram:

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