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Obtaining a passport is a joke.

I go to the post office with all my documentation / photos. The fat, ugly broad at the counter tells me I don't have the right birth certificate. In my hand I have two documents. One that says "Birth Certificate" and another that says "Certificate of Live Birth" ... apparently neither of these documents is actually a birth certificate in the government's eye. Also, my drivers license and social security card aren't viable enough proof of being a US citizen.

Instead I have to get a certified copy from the county of my birth. When I ask WHY these other documents won't work she replied "...because you have to pay to get the certified one."

So I call the county and they say I have to go see a notary to swear to god almighty that I am who I say I am. I call the notary to see what kind of ID they need from me. "Oh, just a drivers license."

In the end I realize that none of this is about me proving my identity and origin of's about the $20 fucking dollars they get from me for requesting a copy of my birth certificate. Because any douche with the knowledge of my parents names and a fake drivers license can get my birth certificate. Fuck I hate bureaucracy.
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