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actually, i'll give you a real reply for shits and giggles <-----notice the hip lingo

i value nothing and eat considerable amounts of meat products daily. i never buy organic, in fact, i enjoy antibiotics to further ruin my smoker's/drug user's body, i have no problem with rBST and think animal abuse for human consumption is funny.

i'm bi-polar but 100mg of xanax a day clears that up nice, and NO- i'd never think of saving money on generic. cuz hey, i don't give a fuck.

i feel most free when my girl and i vacation to vegas to stay at the hilton. after a couple bottles of patron, she's ready to go and i LOVE it when she takes off her victoria secret all provocative-like to the tunes of AFI. then we lube each other up with His&Her KY, and i pound on her like a jack hammer.

after that, i take my bitch to McD's and let her have some bread with those eggs to keep her shut the fuck up.

also, every time i buy a new shirt i clip off a little extra piece from the inside and place it in a jar. i have an entire library dedicated to these jars. sometimes, when i'm drunk, stoned, and twisted outta my mind snorting my xanax (taking them as prescribed is so passť), i like to open a few jars and sniff the preserved children sweat, lusciously trapped inside

well, i gotta go hit-up wal-mart and grab my discounted 20pk of red bull and the new dark knight dvd . ttyl

try harder next time
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