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So me and my gf of 3 years break up due to long distance at the start of the year and me and her took it hard, I spent a good month recovering and I took the advice of many people and the BC and that was to move on and date other people and hang out with other friends. I did and I didn't try to make any contact after the initial month of break up. So I'm hanging out and she keeps contact with me, SHE does not I, although I don't ignore her, I talk to her and keep things cool. So anyways I move the gainesville were she lives so I can start school there. I move during the summer and she goes to a camp to be a camp counselor. My summer was great, I got into the college experience (my other college was shit) and it was great, made a whole bunch of new friends. She keeps contact with me, (talk to her over AIM twice a month or so)infact when she was getting on the plane to come home earlier I was the first one she called. Me being the dumbass that I am I always have been friends with her after the break up which lets me keep my feelings for her ( I still to this day love her ) When she gets back she asks if I want to have lunch with her, I do. First time I saw her in months and she looked amazing and I started to have strong feelings for her, we had a great time, made plans for when she moved back up to school (I was already there since I moved at the start of summer) Go hang out, see movies, go to my weekly poker night. So she moves back, I call her asking if she wants lunch, she is very distant, and says no, then I get an email saying that she is with someone else, now she told me she was single 3 days ago, and within 3 days I don't hear from her at all. FUCK, now I feel like shit, and I should it was my fault for letting her get to me, it's hard because their were no bad circumstances to our break up so there was no bitterness, but damnit, why did I respond to her messages and phone calls now I fucked myself and feel like shit. FUCK, and the shitty thing is I was really looking forward to hanging out and catching up and didn't get the chance.

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