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Now let's talk cruisers...

As I've stated before, I'm weeks away from purchasing my first motorcycle. At first I really wanted a sport bike, but after much consideration, I just don't think I'm the sport bike type. I want something comfortable that I can take on long trips, and I've always been more attracted to cruisers anyways. I've been looking at the Yamaha V Star 650 Custom. It's got a 645cc, 40 cubic inch engine, which I think is pretty good. Here's a picture for reference.


I really like this bike and I think it'll make a good first cruiser. However, I'm afraid that I'll outgrow it too soon. Three months after buying it, I don't want to be wishing I had something bigger that could keep up on the highway, but I don't want something too big either. But for as cool as it looks and as well-priced as it is, it would be hard to turn down. Can anybody weight in on this?
On the low-powered end, it's undeniably possible to get a cruiser that's too wimpy. (*Thinks of Honda Rebel.) However, I don't think the V star will let you down, especially as a new rider. My `80 XJ650 keeps up on the freeway just fine, & can 'beat' 60%+ cars I encounter on the road. This bike will do much better than that. The only catch is where you say you really wanted a sportbike, then switched up... You didn't go into what that was all about.

Vulcan's tip is very good, but AFAIK the sport tourers will cost a fair bit more, & you mention 'well-priced'. Another good option is to get a used cruiser, maybe even a total beater. As a new rider, you have an equal chance on *ALL* types of bike to do body damage by dropping it either parked, moving but not actually riding, or even very low speed accidents. That chance, specifically, is very close to 100%. This is not even accounting for 'real' accidents. With a used bike this will suck, but not nearly as bad as with a shiny new one.
"It is better to ride a slow bike fast than to ride a fast bike slow." -american_psycho
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