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Account for sell, i have had this account since 2005 it includes as follow.

83 Drainie Priest 525 alchemy., 525 enchanting
85 Human Hunter 525 JC (with over 50 tokens), 525 Blacksmith
85 Nightelf Warrior 525 engineer, 525 alchemy
80 Drainie Shaman alchemist /Tailor
80 Human Pally 525 JC /450 mining
75 Night Elf Druid 525 inscription/400+ leather worker
60 dwarf rogue
60 Human Mage
14 gnome lock

this account has almost all BOA gear.

Hunter has a ton of achivements over 9k, over 100 mounts over 125 pets
ilvl 374 mostly almost full 371 pvp set.

The warrior is ivl 368 Tank ready.
Over 150k gold across the toons
2 mule bank tabs, 2 tabs full of pyrite ore ($.$)

All toons can be xfered.

Also ill throw in another account with a
85 drainie pally 525 herb and 525 mining
60 druid

Asking price $400

I have bought and sold accounts here before i will provide all the info needed for a smooth transaction.

price lowered $275
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