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i dropped 6 months ago. it was only fun when it was all new and we were doing 5/10 mans with a core group of people we knew and liked. no one got butt hurt, we all played different classes, and if we didn't, we got a long alright. now that all the mystery is over, and it's more of a grind than normal, i really don't know why people keep playing during the twilight hours. it's not as if there's going to be some midnight judges that are going to kick the shit into what you've been doing for the past year.

I had one goal in playing again the last few months, and that was to clear Heroic LK (and in some small way, heroic Halion), its looking more and more like that's not going to happen. My guild is sinking in quicksand like so many. Our server went from 8 progression guilds to really 3 now and the 2nd and 3rd place guilds aren't happy.

If we can't make some actual progress in the next couple of weeks, I'm just going to hang it up until Cata. Hell, I've already shut down the majority of my accounts. I only have 1 main account active, that's down from 5.
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