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Yes they should, that way you have a direction to point the finger in.

Gas pump fires don't randomly kill people, swimming pools don't randomly kill people, and yes you could kill one person maybe with a screw driver. You need a license to drive a car what getting one for a gun is such bad idea? They both are equally deadly.

So having the government require licensing won't actually make us safer but its ok because we can point the finger at the licensing process. We have licenses to drive cars and laws that make driving while intoxicated illegal yet people still do it. So how do drivers licenses make us safer?


I see where you are going with this and before you do stop...think, then type. I should not nor anyone else in the US have to arm myself with militaryesque hardware to defend myself & family from a robber/crazy/etc. A simple handgun & shotgun is all that is needed. You want one then a mandatory age limit, psych eval., steep license fee, anything to stop what happens when one idiot does indeed "ruin" it for you. So sorry you'll have to stick with hunting rifles now or should 20 more kids have to die for you to believe it?
You may not need military-esque weapons to defend youself from "A" robber/crazy/etc. What about a group of robbers/crazies/etc? You should have the option to use whatever you deem necessary to defend your life.

So lets say someone meets the mandatory age limit, passes the psych eval, pays the steep license fee. Then one day something in that persons head snaps and they just decide they want to start killing people. How did all those steps prevent that idiot? Meanwhile, someone in that neighborhood couldn't afford the steep license fee and doesn't have a gun to stop the idiot while he kills three families before the cops show up.
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