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"Yes" who should what?

Wait, so how often do guns randomly kill people?

A robber/crazy/etc can attack you with anything. You make it sound as if you feel that if all the guns magically disappear, somehow you would be happy because the playing field would be level. I don't know about you, but in the event that a robber/crazy/etc is coming at me/my family, I don't care what they are using. I want to put them down in the most efficient method possible. I don't know how in your little world "oh gee he only has a kitchen knife. I can totally out-shank him with this machete." is an acceptable train of thought.

A lot actually...with regards to gun accidents...The theory to treat everything else like it's as dangerous and readily usable weapon like a gun with great potential to kill is asinine. Magically by doing this less people will use a gun to kill.

Apparently you skipped over the part where I said I own guns.

My little world, listen yourself, typical...Would you like a rpg just incase he tries to drive a car at you?

A hand gun is just as efficient as a semi-auto rifle. No one is sniping at you from down the street
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