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It's there because the vast majority of people who buy huge ass screens don't actually have a lot of room to put them in. So, when you sit fucking 4' from a 78" screen you can't see it all unless the wrap it around you a little. At least, that's my take.

I wonder with some of the newer very short throw projectors coming out if there's a possibility of DIY rear projection set. I'd take a really nice DLP projector and a self-made RP screen over a shit LCD if it were doable. Fuck, I'd build a fake wall in the front three feet of my room to do it just to keep the goddamn ugly ass projector off my ceiling. Unfortunately, it's a little hard to do an acoustically transparent RP and put the speakers behind it...for obvious reasons. Which would limit the size I could use to that minus the L/C/R channels, but....

For rear projection i dont even know where you can get a screen that big or what you can use to make it out of. Also it would be a fair amount of wasted floor space.

i think i'd stick with the classics - TV for every day and projector for movie nights, all over the same sound system.
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