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I'm thinking of buying my first bike this summer (I'm 18 turning 19 this summer), and I live in Ontario. I've been looking for the beginner bikes recommended at the beginning of this thread, and I really havent been able to find many.
The bikes that I've been encountering (that look appealing to me, I would like a sporty looking bike, I will not buy a too-powerful bike to start, I dont want to die) some late 80s/early 90s 600cc sportbikes (mainly Honda CBR's - Hurricanes (what does that mean) and F1, F2 models), or 500cc Honda Interceptors (im not considering the 750cc ones, too powerful I think) i've also found a couple Yamaha RZ350's and one or two Kawasaki EX500's.

What one of these bikes would be a good choice? are they all too much power too handle? I'm 6'3", and 210lbs, so would I even be abled to fit on a bike?

Also, how long do bikes last? Alot of the late 80's bikes have upwards or 50-60 thousand km;s on them, will they last?

Lastly, is thier something equal to the MSF course in Ontario that I can take?? I dont think that they offer the MSF course here...
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