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Originally Posted by Stajerker
I'm thinking of buying my first bike this summer (I'm 18 turning 19 this summer), and I live in Ontario. I've been looking for the beginner bikes recommended at the beginning of this thread, and I really havent been able to find many.
The bikes that I've been encountering (that look appealing to me, I would like a sporty looking bike, I will not buy a too-powerful bike to start, I dont want to die) some late 80s/early 90s 600cc sportbikes (mainly Honda CBR's - Hurricanes (what does that mean) and F1, F2 models), or 500cc Honda Interceptors (im not considering the 750cc ones, too powerful I think) i've also found a couple Yamaha RZ350's and one or two Kawasaki EX500's.

What one of these bikes would be a good choice? are they all too much power too handle? I'm 6'3", and 210lbs, so would I even be abled to fit on a bike?

Also, how long do bikes last? Alot of the late 80's bikes have upwards or 50-60 thousand km;s on them, will they last?

Lastly, is thier something equal to the MSF course in Ontario that I can take?? I dont think that they offer the MSF course here...

Well, here's a place to start for safety courses:

As for the bikes, any older bike 600cc or smaller is probably fine, especially since you're not exactly a twig. I'd recommend the ex500 as probably the best overall though. Because it's techincally under 500cc, you should probably save a good deal on insurance, too.

Bikes are much higher maintenance than cars, obviously. 50 000km can be a LOT for a bike that isn't kept up. Mind you, I've seen BMW's and Kawasaki Concours and the like with upwards of 200 000km on them. With anything more than 20 000km, there's probably going to be some things you'll have to fix. I would look very closely at brake wear (rotors too), chains and sprockets, bearings(are they worn/loose), cable and hydraulic housings (deep cracks = replace and drain + bleed hydraulics), etc etc. Other things like valve clearances and whatnot are harder to check, but keep in mind that most bikes need valve adjustments every 15 000km or so. Get someone who really knows their stuff to come with you when you go looking and get them to take the bike for a spin. They should be able to get a good idea of what kind of shape the thing is in.

Hope that helps.
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