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Sounds great, like a mini-Terminator.

The transmission will benefit from Mazda's prowless for gearbox design only so much. In their up-scaling to suite the needs of a small truck they added a bit of 'clunkiness' to them that I liken to the many Tremec 5 and 6 speed boxes that have been behind most American V8 cars for the last 20 years. The 5spd gearbox used in the Miatas, RX-7's and all the way back to the RX-3 have been largely similar and felt amazing in a way I've only ever experienced in small Japanese RWD cars. I've never had the privilege of driving a manual SC, though I hope to one day, I imagine the transmission still works well despite any arguments I've seen on forums due to the Mazda origins.

Seeing such a well-cared for example makes me appreciate the earlier 89-92's even-more than the 93-97's of which I'm more familiar. The interior at first glance may appear a bit more 'dated' but looks to be of higher quality than the ones that followed, thus aging better in the whole.
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