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I feel like the 89-93 generation (94 is when they updated the body and interior) was designed by a team who really wanted to break the mold at Ford and do something that was above and beyond anything Ford made at the time. When 94 came along, it's like upper management told the Thunderbird team "it needs to fit in with the rest of our lineup," so they basically Ford-ified it with the big clunky steering wheel from the Mustang (and some of their other cars,) the interior design with the long sweeping curves (again, just like their other cars) and the rounding and tapering off of all the edges on the exterior that looked so good on the 89-93 SCs.

That's why I'm so happy I found this car, which really is (to me anyway) the high point of the Thunderbird, with most of the technical improvements that were made 94-95 cars but with the better looks and design of the 89-93s. And it's in my favorite color combo as well. Oh, and it's also fully loaded with every factory option except the JBL sound (which is fine because that was a POS system that fell apart on every car anyway.)
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